Macros, Forms, & Protected Worksheets..... how would I...



Trying to determine how to go about setting up excel so that:

1) Open the blank worksheet (always remains protected)

2) Form pops up requesting data (ie: name, account #, dates)

3) Excel uses form data to create a new worksheet for user, in a new window
(new worksheet only needs to have certian fields protected), and the
protected worksheet is closed

4) User can utilize new worksheet as needed

I imagine a macro would be the way to go, but I am certianly not the macro
expert. It's also likely there is another way to go about handling this that
I am completely oblivious to.

Suggestions, assistance, macro-wizzes anyone?





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and lets work this out. What I'm a little confused about is you wanting to
"create a new worksheet for [the] user in a new window..." I am thinking you
mean a whole new workbook with one sheet in it for them? Or just another
sheet in the same workbook that would get added and they would be taken to?

And yes, a macro would be the way to go to get this done automatically when
the workbook opens. Question would be what if it's the 2nd (or 3rd or ....)
time that a particular user has opened the workbook? These are things we can
work out through email exchange. Reference this thread/posting and remind me
again of what you need to do in the email.

Link to this discussion is

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