macro to select reference in tools-->references



Can I write a macro to select a particular reference in
"Tools--->References---...." I have a system where excel userform and access
database is used, and not all users have access on their machines.
To make this system work I have to select "Tools--References-->Microsoft
Access 12.0 Object Library" and as access is installed in all machines, Users
get "Missing" in front of access reference and hence cannot use the userform.
NOTE: access is not involved in the system until later. There are 3 steps in
this sysetm: 1-->2-->3
1: users input their data into userform and click submit
2: once users click submit I get an email as an excel attachment with their
3: In that email attachment I have an "Accept" button, Once I hit accept
then it populates in access.

Please Help

Thanks in advance.



Dave Peterson

Another option is to use late binding and eschew the reference to Access

You'll be able to check to see if Access is installed and process accordingly.

Some references:;EN-US;244167
INFO: Writing Automation Clients for Multiple Office Versions;en-us;245115
INFO: Using Early Binding and Late Binding in Automation;en-us;247579
INFO: Use DISPID Binding to Automate Office Applications Whenever Possible

and Dick Kusleika has a web page at:
that explains this with Outlook

I'd develop with the references so that I could get the benefit of the
intellisense and autocomplete within the VBE, but then change to late binding
before sharing with others.

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