Macro to remove contact from multiple distribution lists?

Oct 6, 2010
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Hi all,

Hoping to find some VBA rockstars who can help me with a recurring issue. Basically, I need a better way to manage all my email distribution lists for work - and I have dozens of them.

Different lists may or may not contain the same contact, and often people are scattered willy nilly across all different lists with no rhyme or reason.

As of now, when I get an 'unsubscribe' I open up each and every distribution list, search for the contact, and delete them from the list, though I don't want to delete the contact altogether (just from the various dist lists).

Is it possible to write a macro to somehow automate this laborious process? Ideally I could run a macro to bring up a master dist list of some kind, from which I could remove the names that need to be removed.

Any help on this is greatly appreciated.



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