Macro to push data to another workbook

Nov 13, 2013
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Hello experts,

I have 2 workbooks Workbook 2 is static, always there. A massive table holding job summary information. Workbook 1 is a standard form containing some of the data that needs to go to Workbook 2. from here i only need one value to be entered into Workbook 2. In wb1 there is a job identifying number that can be found in wb2.

In wb1 cell A1 has the identifier, A2 has the value In wb2 column A has the identifier, column I is where the value needs to go.

I want to use an "update" button on wb1 that will open wb2 insert the value in the correct location, save and close.

can this be done? i tried recording a macro for it but that didnt work out. i know i can use Vlookup to look from wb2 to wb1 but wb1 is a standard form - a template to be used many times over in many locations with many names.

all help and advice appreciated.

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