Macro to copy a cell contains formula to a range

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Sub hfscopy()
' purpose is to copy cell AI4 to Range AI 8 upto AI filled in the message
box "copy to this row", but it stuck in .Range("AI4").Copy
Destination:=Range("AI8:AI & CopyToThisRow") with highlight in yelllow.

I appreciate for any help

Dim CopyToThisRow As Long
CopyToThisRow = InputBox("Isi disini.... sampai cell dari kolunm AI no
If IsNumeric(CopyToThisRow) Then
With Worksheets("PO_Line_text")
If CopyToThisRow > 8 And CopyToThisRow <= .Rows.Count Then
.Range("AI4").Copy Destination:=Range("AI8:AI & CopyToThisRow")
.Range("AI8:AI" & CopyToThisRow).Select
Exit Sub
End If
End With
End If
MsgBox "Kamu tidak mengisi no cell yang benar"
End Sub


Variable should not be inside strings with double quotes. fix thjis is two
places in the code.

"AI8:AI & CopyToThisRow"
"AI8:AI" & CopyToThisRow

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