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it looks really easy but I am thinking since more than 24 hours.
I need to merge two values of two different cells with a space, it
looks easy
=B23&" "&B24 but in reality every report is different and I am trying
to register a macro.
so if I write B23, B24 as in the example the next sheet could have
the the two values everywhere. So registering the marco use CTRL F to
find the value I need then register then i press CTRL arrow right to
read the value on the cell on the right, it works as a charm with one
value because the macro find the string i need and then goes to the
right to take the value I need but now I have to merge as in the
example above( =B23&" "&B24) or worse (sheet1!B23& etc) if refers to
another sheet. I am trying to find a formula to combine offset search
find index, I tried to built a VBA function, but does not work
when I have a formula excel recognize a specific cell not the one to
the right of the string I look with ctrl f



Ben McClave


Once your macro identifies the first cell (as you say that it can), this line will merge the contents of that cell with the cell one column to the right of it:

MsgBox ActiveCell.Value & " " & ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1).Value

Just change the "MsgBox" part to whatever you need (i.e. a Range value, a variable, etc.)



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