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Im creating a presentation in which i would like the user to be able
to click on different coins in order to pay for an item of clothing.
Is there a macro code that will help to calculate the amount that they
have spent. for example if they click on a 5p coin and then a 10p coin
the total could be 15p.

Ideally what i would like is for it to make some sort of sound effect
when they have spent the right amount of money.

Not sure if any of this is possible but if anyone knows of any macros
that might make this feasable I would appreciate it greatly. Thanks a

Bill Dilworth

You could fairly easily create macros for this, but (and this is not
in-significant) you must be certain that macros will run on the target
machines. In most IT controlled environments, macros are disabled by
default company policy. In addition, the default setting for across in
PowerPoint is disabled. So before we start playing with code, determine if
the target (student's) machines are configured to run code.

If the machine are able to run code, post back and we'll play.

And so I can with this some more ... Will the students be able to use the
same coin more than once, or only once on any given slide?

Bill Dilworth
A proud member of the Microsoft PPT MVP Team
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vestprog2@ Please read the PowerPoint FAQ pages.
yahoo. They answer most of our questions.

David M. Marcovitz

I responded with a little air code in the Mac group where this was also
posted (although my air code was in American, and I notice from this
message that the poster is not American).

David M. Marcovitz
Microsoft PowerPoint MVP
Director of Graduate Programs in Educational Technology
Loyola College in Maryland
Author of _Powerful PowerPoint for Educators_

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