Macro Compatability Excel 2007 vs Excel 97 - 2003



I'm developing a spreadsheet with seral macros using Excel 2007. I want the
spreadsheet compatible with Excel 97 - 2003, so I've been saving the file in
that format. When I tried to test the macros on another computer using Excel
2003, the program stopped because it didn't recognize some of the code. My
question is, is there a way to know an object in VBA 2007 is (or is not)
compatible with earlier versions of excel?




It is usually advisable to develop your code on the oldest system you intend
to support. That way, additional arguments added in later versions, which
are normally optional, take their default values.
You should still test on the newer system though.
XL2007 does have some differences, especially regarding Charts and objects
on the drawing layer, as mentioned in posts here.


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