Mac Printing




Since applying SP4 on my W2K server I am no longer able
to print to any network printer from a Mac. I have done
all the usual removing, recreating etc but am still
unable to get my macs to print. I can connect to them OK
and send a job, the job hits the que, spools then
disappears, no printouts though. I have read several
posted articles to various newsgroups on this all with
the same problem. Any help would be appreciated




Jim Seifert [MSFT]

At this point the only way to restore printing for your
Macintosh clients will be to remove SP4. This issue is
under active investigation at Microsoft. We will post
more to the newsgroup when we have a final resolution for
this issue. Currently only printers like the Apple
Laserwriters, at least those with postscript and
Appletalk, are working with SP4.

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