Mac clients create folders and files with an illegal character - hex f0 - on Windows SFM file share



I have a Windows 2000 server running SFM SP3. There are 10 Mac shares
that are accessed by about 15 Mac clients. When trying to copy some
files from the Windows server for backup reasons, I came across some
folder and file names that have an illegal character at the end of the
name. With a Hex editor I was able to determine that it is hex f0.
It happens very sporadically, and I do not know if it is one of the
Macs or the Windows server causing this to happen. From Mac these
folders and files can be accessed and the illegal character shows up
as space. I can access the folders from both platforms, but with
files I have issue on Window because extension becomes unrecognizable
and applications will not open the files up - Mac can open the files
without any problems.

Has anyone come across such issue, and how can I locate the cause.

Is there a way to force restricted file and folder naming for Mac
clients on Windows SFM shares.

Thanks in advance,


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