lsass.exe and samlib.dll error message



From what I've researched about the error message:

"lsass.exe - Unable to locate component
This application has failed to start because SAMLIB.dll
was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this

it looks like it's a variant of the sasser worm, my computer may have
this with the little detail that it's not letting me boot up, I was
wondering if repairing the system with the original windows xp sp2 cd
may let me boot up so I could wipe it out...any other suggestions are
more than welcome, thanks a lot.

Steven L Umbach

Yes booting from the install cd and doing and upgrade/repair installation
may work though it will not remove the virus and you could have the problem
all over again but at this point you don't have much to loose. Keep in mind
that an upgrade/repair install will require that you first install your
service pack [if not slipstreamed into the install disk] and all critical
security updates after done. You may also want to look at creating a Bart's
PE bootable cdrom/DVD which can allow you to try to repair and clean your
dead operating system. The links below may help. --- Steve --- XP repair
install --- Bart's PE

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