Lotus Notes Outlook 2002 Connector


Ben H

I am using Outlook 2002 (10.4712.4219) SP-2 and Lotus
Notes 5.0.11.

I have installed the Lotus Notes Outlook 2002 connector
from microsoft
db128b38e399&DisplayLang=en), and am trying to get my
mail working.

I am able to send email correctly (having followed the
instructions to create the new user with the connected
account and imported by .id file), however, outlook keeps
crashing when I try to view the mail folders (view-
folders-click on notes account).

The crash has the following characteristics:
Exception code: 0x6dc
ModName: msoc32.dll
ModVer: 1.0.2411.0
Offset: 0002f57d

I have applied all updates to office.

Has anyone else come across this problem before?
If so - what was the fix.?


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