Lotus Notes Mail



I recently configured my Lotus notes mail to be coming to me via outlook
using the lotus notes connector. I also have outlook configured to
receive several of my other mail accounts. I have set notification on
when new mail is received. It doesn't seem to work for my lotus
account. Can anyone advice me on what I am doing wrong? Thanks,


Balaji Hariharan [MSFT]

I think the Outlook Connector's account isn't the primary transport in the
profile, and hence alerts & remiders won't pop up. In Outlook, only the
primary accounts would receive them. In order to make the connector's store
as primary and to receive alerts and reminders. You need to do the
1. Open Outlook. Go to Tools > E-mail Accounts
2. Click on "View or change existing e-mail Accounts" and click Next
3. Choose the Domino Account and click on "Set as default"
4. Click on Domino Mailbox name for "Deliver new e-mail to the following

That should solve your problem , in the sense that you would receive alerts
now. But now, your POP3 e-mails would be delivered to your Domino store.
This can be correct by having a simple Rule that says that "Move all mails"
sent to (e-mail address removed) <your pop3 email address> to Personal Folder
(choose the right personal folder)
Hope that helps.


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