Lost print spool during SP2 upgrade



During my SP2 upgrade, I seemed to have lost all my printers in the Printer
and Fax folder. I attempted to reinstall printers, but when I click the ADD
PRINTER icon, I get the error message: OPeration could not be completed.
Printer spool is not running.

How do I remedy this issue? I even lost my access to my home network printer!


Did you ever find a resolution for this? I also have the same problem now and
can't find a fix. If you have a solution, I'd be most apprciative if you
could post it.

Thank You


Hi Cari,

Yep... I did try that, but it turns off immediately. I have it set to Auto
start, but it doesn't. I've gone through the REGEDIT and deleted all printer
drivers. I've deleted all traces (as far as I know) of printer drivers from
the Win32 folder. Seems like the problem started with the SP2 update.

Any other ideas?


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