lost partition



I am using Xp home. My hard drive is 160g divided in 2
partition 149g for my "c drive" and 10g for my "d backup
drive" My system came preinstall with XP home oem. I used
partition majic to split my drive, up to this part
everything was fine and work fine for months. But
recently I had to reinstall XP and after the
reinstalation was completed window does not see the "D
Backup drive" anymore but my "C drive" of 149g. Is there
a way that I can make window see the 10g drive again. I
dont understand why this happen I did reinstalation
before on another system and window always saw the other
partition without affecting them.

I hope someone can help me with this.



Rich Barry

Rt click MyComputer>select Manage>Disk Management>See if it shows up
there and if you can assign a drive letter to it.

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