Lost keyboard navigation when form opened in dialog mode



I've got a form that displays single records from a table (i.e. one at a
time). It has record selectors and navigation controls.
If I just open it directly in form view the keyboard navigation controls
like Page Down to go to the next record, work fine.
However when I open it in modal dialog mode (acDialog) from within code
using DoCmd.OpenForm then none of the keyboard commands for navigation work.
Clicking on the navigation arrows etc works but I have users who like the
option of using a keyboard. It really needs to be opened modally to suit the
system situation.
Is there a solution or work around to restore the keyboard navigation



Haven't tried it myself, but have you tried to go into the form's properties
and set the KeyPreview property to YES and see if that helps?
Bob Larson

Tutorials at http://www.btabdevelopment.com



Thanks for the suggestion Bob.
But I've tried it now and it didn't solve the problem :(.

I should add that if I open the form nbon-modally from within the code using
acWindowNormal for the WindowMode then the keyboard interface works fine.
Also it does not appear to be a specific thing with this particular form. I
have another form for displaying records that acts the same way.


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