Lost control of temporary internet file folder.



Greetings all,
Recently I have noticed that I can no longer view the full contents of the
temporary internet files folder. Previously I had access to the subfolders
contained in this folder (ContentIE5 etc...) but I no longer do. I have no
clue as to why I no longer have access to these subfolders. Also the
security, customize and sharing tabs are gone from the properties dialog on
both the temporary internet files and the history folder. None of the other
folders are affected this way. How can I regain access to these folders?
More importantly, what took control of them?
The only change that I have made recently that may have caused this is the
installation and use of CCleaner. Would this cause this behavior?

XP Pro SP2
Show hidden files enabled.
Hide protected OS files unchecked.
Use simple file sharing unchecked.


Access is Denied Error Message:

Shared folder access:

Also read this MS KB article about how to take ownership of files.

Understanding and Applying NTFS Permission in Windows XP Professional

There is also a utility named: Unlocker
I have not used it but it has been mentioned a number of times.



I did not think to use the Unlocker. I have that already. Unfortunately it
did not do the trick.
I don't know how I can take ownership of the folder if the security tab is
not present on the folder.
I do not get any "Access Denied" error messages at all.
The Temporary internet files folder properties show that the folder
contains 3000+ files and 5 folders but I cannot view them, they simply are
not visible to me.
I am able to navigate to the folders using the search tool Agent Ransack so
I know they are still present. If I delete the Desktop.ini file contained in
the same folder as the ContentIE5 folder I am able to view the files from
that point on until I reboot. So I have to beleive that some process is
writing the desktop.ini file to suit its own needs. How would I confirm this

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