lost calculator



my calculator is gone..i go to start then to all programs
then to accessories the calculator is no longer there and
i do not know how to get it back and sometimes i need
it,could someone tell me how to get it back,thank you for
your time


Hi Darlene,

Open the folder you want the shortcut in and r-click>new>shortcut. Type
"calc" (no quotes) next, rename if you want and click finish. Unless you
have somehow lost the calc file, the shortcut will be there. If this don't
work for you, post back to this thread.



Go to Windows Explorer, click on the "search" icon.
Then, in the search dialog box that asks for "all or part
of the file name:" type calc.exe

Leave "a word or phrase in the file" blank.

In the "Look in:" box, change the choice to Local Hard
Drives (C:).

Once it finds the file, right-click on calc.exe and
choose "send to desktop".


Go to control panel ---add/remove programs---on left side select add/remove
windows components and re-install calc.

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