lost all printers on XP PRO



All my printers were erased and lost. I cannot add any printer or reinstall
.. I get a "Operation cannot be completed " message. What can I do to fix
this problem. Win XP Pro wont even recognize the printer when I plug into
the USB port. The port is working fine because I can install other USB
things and they work on it. NO, I don't have a virus (checked with

Cari \(MS-MVP\)

Is the print spooler running?

From the command prompt, type

net start spooler

and hit enter.

If still no change, from the command prompt, type

sfc /scannow

and hit enter. Note the space between the c and the /.

When it's finished reboot. You should now be able to add the printer.



Tried net start spooler--> no luck
Tried sfc /scannow ---> no luck
Tried Control Pannel, Administrative Tools, Printer Spooler Service,
start---> Error message1068: Could not start the print spooler service.
Error 1068: The dependancy service in group failed to start.

Any other suggestions?
Thanx in advance Pedro

Robert Orleth [MSFT]

That is usually caused by having a Lexmark printer installed, which comes
with a service that makes the spooler dependent on itself and has the
unfortunate tendency to get wedged in a really bad way. Check out Brian
Bostons's FAQ:

9) When I try to start the spooler I get an error message "the dependency
service could not be started".

Some Lexmark printer drivers install a service LexBCES, and make the spooler
dependent on that service. There seem to be a number of cases where the
LexBCES service gets wedged (hung), and that then blocks the spooler from
starting. To unblock, type "sc config spooler depend= RPCSS" on a command
line (note the space after depend=). This will probably leave the Lexmark
printer non-functional but at least allow printing to other printers.
Contact Lexmark support or visit www.lexmark.com to get an updated version
of the Lexmark printer driver.

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