Lost Administrator account



I have a computer that has lost the administrator account. I can only sign
on with a limited account. How can I get the administrator account to appear
in the safe mode sign on? When I turn on the computer in either safe mode OR
regular mode I do not see my account, only the limited account shows up?
Is there a back door that I can use to reset the computer to show the
administrator account in safe mode?
Thank you, Roger




Press ctrl+alt+del simultaneously... the administrator account should
appear. you need to press the three keys twice quickly, it may take a few
seconds to appear and you may need to try a few times. To be able to see
the administrator account in normal mode you may need to enable it in:

Start\Run\secpol.msc\Machine configuration\Windows configuration\Security
Configuration\Local Directives\Security Options\Accounts: State of the
administrator account\double clic and enable.


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