Losing wireless connectivity




I am currently rolling out vista to about 100 different sites.

Each site functions separately and have their own forest and domain.

At each site there is wireless connectivity with authentication via
802.1X. Radius is provided via Windows Server 2003 and IAS.
Authentication is via the computer account only. The clients are a
mixture of laptops and desktops.

All clients retrieve the wireless setting via a wireless group policy.
The clients are first built on a wired network and then, after the
policy has been updated, moved to the location where they will be used
on a wireless connection.

We are getting a problem where some wireless clients disconnect from the
network and are unable to reconnect unless a GPUPDATE is run on them
when connected via a wired network. So far, i have only confirmed that
the issue occurs on desktops. I have not come across any instance where
it has happened on laptops.

Has anyone experienced this before?

Any help tracking down what the issue may be will be greatly appreciated.



Check the network profiles of the desktop against
the laptops. Possible that you have them configured
differently. Easiest step I can think
of off the top of my head.

Also, it may be that the laptops are running a different
networking protocol. Again, check the configs.




Remember that the wireless network profile is being set by group policy.
It is the same group policy used by both the laptops and desktops.

Either way, i did check them both and they are the same. I also checked
between a working desktop and a non-working one.

The thing is that once a GPUPDATE is run on the non-working one it comes
back online fine.


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