Losing Mapped Drives



Hi there

I'm looking for assistance. We have two workstations that constantly lose
their mapped drives, or rather all of the information inside of the drives.
Trying to access the shared resources using a UNC path also fails. The only
solution is logging out and then back in. I have checked and both machines
have valid TCP/IP Addresses (One is a reservation and the second is DHCP
assigned), and both can ping the servers and all other workstations when this
occurs. Both have valid DNS servers that work (Pinging the hostname also
resolves the TCP/IP Address). Both also have WINXP Pro SP2, and are two
totally different builds

Any assistance on this would be greatly appreciated


Hi Robert

It appears that when we try to map the drives again it comes up with an
error stating that the file or resource is unavailable. It is available from
all other workstations and the same one when logged out and back in!

Kind Regards


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