Lose HTTP conection after few minutes???


Bob Huckleby

Hi all,

The other day, I decided to setup some new accounts in XP Pro so I could
set different permissions for my kids. Once I did that, I started having
problems loading ZoneAlarm so I decided to uninstall it. After I had
problems uninstalling ZA, I tried deleting ZA registry settings and other
advice from their forum.

I still wasn't completely successful since I get errors about permissions
when I try to reinstall it.

Anyway, now when I boot up, everything is fine for just a couple of
minutes, but then all HTTP traffic stops. My newsreader and email don't
lose their connection. Just HTTP stuff.

I'm connected with a Motorola Surfboard to a D-Link router. The other
computer in the house has no problems using the same router and modem.

Everything looks okay with my IP address and I've reinstalled the drivers
for my NIC.

Any ideas?


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