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Good evening- I am trying to take two lists and finding the matching values
on both lists. I have tried using vlookup, but haven't had much luck. Is
that the right function to use? What is the difference between vlookup and

Here is what I've got- two worksheets (A and B).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you.



Jacob Skaria

Try the below..I hope you are trying to retrieve the same value ...The third
argument is the number of column in the mentioned range...Here B:B has got
only one column



=IF(ISERROR(MATCH(B4,B!B:B,0)),"Not in list","Found")

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T. Valko

Try this:

List1 in the range Sheet A A1:A10
List2 in the range Sheet B A1:A10

Enter this formula on Sheet A B1:


Copy down as needed. Cells that return "x" denote a match. If one list is
shorter than the other then compare the shorter list against the longer



Shane Devenshire


Here is a way to color the items which or on both lists, suppose list1 is in
C1:C100 and list2 in F1:F200

In 2003:
1. Select the cells you want to format, in this case C1:C100
2. Choose Format, Conditional Formatting
3. Choose Formula is from the first drop down
4. In the second box enter the formula:
5. Click the Format button
6. Choose a color on the Patterns tab (or any available option)
7. Click OK twice.

In 2007:
1. Highlight all the cells on the rows you want formatted
2. Choose Home, Conditional Formatting, New Rule
3. Choose Use a formula to determine which cell to format
4. In the Format values where this formula is true enter the following
5. Click the Format button and choose a format.
6. Click OK twice

Repeat the same idea after selecting F1:F200.

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