Looking for C#/.Net 2.0 book suggestions



Hey guys,

When I first started learning C# and .Net I read "Inside C# : Second
Edition" by Archer/Whitechapel and "Applied .Net Framework Programming" by

I really enjoyed these books and they helped me a lot.

Can anyone suggest any books that cover the new features in C#/.Net 2.0? I'm
not necessarily looking for a book that covers all of C# along with the new
features in 2.0 but if someone can suggest such a book (one that covers all
of C# instead of just 2.0) please let me know.

Thanks a lot.


I read this book and it is really excellent. He covers most of the new
features and goes into a lot of detail. His writing style is also very easy
to follow, definitiely worth buying.



The Apress publisher for "Pro C# 2005 and the .NET 2.0 Platform, Third
Edition" is very good, try OOP for C# buy the same publisher. I learn a
lot on OOP from them.

Ditel and Ditel is also best book to cover yourself during programming
Wrox series is more technical and focussed which also good book to use.
The rest I use Expert Exchange for specfic question and answer (cost
£6 per month..cheap!) and Google search, with solution derived from
CodeProject and C#Corner.

Good luck

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