Looking for a KVM switch


Kris Rawlison

Hey, I'm looking for a decent four port KVM that also allows switching USB
and audio. I have three systems that I want to run and don't need a
multiuser switch, just a multi system switch. I had been enamored of the
Belkin SOHO series KVM switches, but I've heard about their USB 2.0 hubs not
liking USB 1 devices, and I'm assuming this will have the same problem, and
I've also heard that their SOHO hubs have problems with not switching
keyboard inputs well.
Anyone have any suggestions as to a hub that is reasonable in cost and
pretty trouble free?


I was offered first option on a new/better comp than mine so did a little
bit of looking for switches.

Some are ridiculously expensive, but found some on Ebay for c£20 two port,
and £30 four port. I think the GEM ones ought to be better than most, but
have no experience of using any of them at all.

Also, found a two port (I know - not much use but can cascade if you want
to) switch from belkin with the wires built in at dabs.com for about £25,
but only keyboard, monitor, mouse I think.

Try reposting in a system/network admin group, as I think they'd be more
likely than us peons to have more than one system running on the same
keyboard/mouse/monitor etc.

Good luck.

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