"Logon Unsuccessful:" Connecting to share within domain



I am having trouble accessing a share on computer on the same domain as my
PC. I log on to the PC / domain with a known good user name and password,
but when I try to access a share on a certain server I am prompted for a user
name and password. Inputting the same known good username and password that
was used to log on yeilds an error. "Logon Unsuccessful: The user name you
typed is the same as the user name you logged in with. That user name has
already been tried. A domain controller cannot be found to verify that user
name." This user name and password can access shares on other computers with
no problem. Other users can access the share that produces the error for
this user name.

I cannot seem to find information about this error. Any Ideas?


1. The server you are trying to access is not a member of the domain
2. And Or the share on the server is not granting you rights to the share.


It seems to be a little more complicated than that. The server is a member
of the domain. It is also clearly not a simple permisions issue. This
account has righs to the share and propper NTFS permissions for the files.

it is acting as if there are bad credentials cached on either the server or
workstation side.

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