Logon Script help\ info needed.


greg halpin

Any scripters out there?

I used to work at a company that used logon scripts and
SMS to automatically update workstations. The company I
work at now, has no automated update tools in place.

I would like to use logon scripts to install security
patches and software updates. I can right simple scripts
to map drives and set the time,etc. I have found great
script samples on TechNet's Script Center. But I need to
know how to have the logon script check the OS version
and then run another script depending on the version.

I know it can be done and is probably easy for someone
who does a lot of scripting but i don't know how. i've
looked at kix script program but don't have time to learn
it right now. i need to get updates out asap. Any advice
will be appreciated.


for example:

if the OS version is NT40 i want it to run \\server1

if the os version is 2000 i want it to run \\server1

if the os version is xp i want it to run \\server1

then of course, i want each patch.bat script to see if it
was installed already and not reinstall. here's what i
have for an example:

IF exist C:\WINDOWS\$NtUninstallKB823980$\rpcss.dll goto
ENU.exe -z -q
goto patchend

Roger Abell [MVP]

There is a great little newsgroup
where you could ask this. What will be your main issue of course
is detecting the OS version in a way that works on all versions.

If you do have a server, and you are wanting to automate patches,
then I would suggest that you look at simply installing SUS Sp1 on
the server. You can then point all of your machines at this SUS
and have them set to automatically install (once you have approved
a patch at the SUS) and it will happen, it will be sensitive to the OS
version and it will not have issues with the need for admin rights
which you will run into trying to do this via login scripts.



Sorry -- not sure how my POSTING ending up as a reply to
you. I must have screwed up.

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