logon script for AD users - please help!




as I don't know how to write in programming language,
would someone please help me write a logon script that
checks the client computer name when a user logs onto the
server? (maybe it's only one line of code)

Note: in Windows 2000 AD Users and Computers, in the
Properties of a user can be specified a logon script under
the "Session" tab. I think they want me to enter the path
to a notepad file with the logon script.

Thanks for help in advance!

Best regards,





Hi Simon,

thanks for your comment and the web site. However I still
don't know exactly what I have to do.

I had already read the web site before and as far as I
know I can write the line of code in a Notepad file,
change the file's extension, place it into the system
folder and give the path to it under "Logon Profile".

Is that right and can you please help me on writing the
line of code?

Thanks in advance.




Simon Geary

Your logon script should be written in notepad and renamed from login.txt to
login.bat. Then you should edit the Default Domain Group Policy in the "User
Configuration\Windows Settings\Scripts (Logon/Logoff)" section and add your
new script. The next time you reboot your client PC's and log on they should
execute the script.

As to the actual content of the script, what exactly are you trying to
accomplish? You say you want to check the computer name, for what reason?
I'm not sure what you are trying to do but let me know and I will help you
write one.

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