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Rune Hummelsund

Has anyone got their Logitech WebCam to work with Vista? In Beta2 the
application crashed, and i RC1 the application installs ok, but is unable to
find the cam. I have a QuickCam 4000Pro





John Barnett MVP

My logitech quickcam works fine with Vista. When Vista searches for the new
hardware i just got it to search the 'original' logitech CD that came with
my quickcam and it installed the drivers and, hey presto, it worked.

John Barnett MVP
Associate Expert

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Richard Hay

That is how I get my Pro 4000 to work by using the extracted drivers from
the Logitech software.


I downloaded the most recent software and installed it
It found the built in Mic on my pro5000 right away but did not install the
cam drivers
I used the device manaer and installed it mannualy by pointing the update
drivers directly to the inf file for the device




I got the version 10 drivers to install after a reset but the camera is not
visible in Scanners and Camera Applet in Control Panel but the camera can be
used in messenger although I can;t get messengeer to sign me in using Vista
while it;s working fine on XP.

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