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Hello, I am working on a database that I would like to have the following
functionality. I am a fairly basic user at Access and VBA programming and am
therefore looking for help to either find an already made login application
in Access that I can use and only tweak the code to match my tables and
fields, or if possible to have someone help me with how to code my program.

Using Access 2000

I have the following:

Tables: "tblUsers", "tblContact" (for email), and "tblEmployee"

tblUsers contains the following fields: "Emp#", "UserID", "Password" and

tblContact contains the following fields: "Emp#", "Email", "Phone"

tblEmployee contains the following fields: "Emp#", "EmpFN", "EmpLN

I have a form called "frmLogin"

The user needs to input his UserID and Password and click on the button "Log
in". I want the program to check the UserID and Password entered vs what is
in the "Users" table. If there is a match, the employee is taken to the
"frmSwitchboard" form where he/she has different options to choose from. If
there is no match, employee is asked to try again. If after 3 tries there is
no match, then the database is closed. I want to have a msg box come up to
say "User ID or Password is invalid, please retry." After 3 times, before
database closes, I want a msg box that says "Access Denied. Please contact
your administrator.".

The user also has the option to choose another button that is below the "Log
In" button that is "Forgot Password?". When the user clicks on this button,
the program will then check the "tblUsers" table for the "UserID" and with
the Emp# field, match this to the "Emp#" field in the "tblContact" table, and
will retrieve the users Email adress from the "Email" field in this table.
A secondary program would then email the user his User ID and password. The
email title would be "Access Reminder" and would contain the password.

Is this possible?




Ok, sorry, forget the last part about the forgot password reminder button
generating an email. I have just thought that this might be way too

The other options would be to have in the Users table two additional fields,
one for a secret question, and the response that the user should put.
Therefore when clicking on this button, a secondary form would pop up asking
the question and requiring the answer inputted from the user. If a match is
made with the Users table, "tblUsers", and the field "response" then a screen
pop-ups giving the user his UserID and Password that is in the tblUsers.
user would click ok to be brought back to the login screen. Once approved,
frmSwitchboard opens. If the response is wrong, teh user is denied access
and should contact his/her administrator.

Thank you for your help in advance.

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