Logic Plugin Pack 1



Logic Plugin Pack has been released.

Expand Logic or Logic Pro with new software instruments, effects and
New Instruments:
Babya bSine
Babya BPM Maestro
Babya Phasor
Babya PhazePitch
Babya Tempo Maestro

New Effects:
Babya 3D & EAX FX
Babya ASIO Multi Output
Babya Audio Effects Studio-ASIO
Babya Audio Effects Studio
Babya BASS Studio
Babya Custom Looper
Babya DSP Studio
Babya WinAMP Visualization Player
Babya WinAMP Visualization Studio

Audio Players:
Babya AAC & MP4 Player
Babya APE Player
Babya MOD Player
Babya Memory Player
Babya MusePack Player
Babya OptimFROG Player
Babya WavePack Player

New Applications:
Babya bAudio Express
Babya bRadio
Babya Full-Duplex Recorder
Babya Logic Spectrum Viewer
Babya Wave Converter
Babya Multi Output
Babya Multi-Speaker Tester

Babya Logic Plugin Pack was known as just Babya Plugin Pack during its

Also Babya Logic Plugin Pack is included with Babya Logic Express &
Babya Logic Pro.


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