Logging on to Domain with user account hide sharing & security tab




Thanks in advance

I am using Client & Server architechture & having 2000 server & XP SP 2

After logging on the domain by user account, I find no
security & sharing tab on folder & even on Drive. While other user under the
same Organizational Unit, able to share folder, drivers & etc.. Futher I want
to say that we are not using any Group Policy.

Steven L Umbach

Well you don't give many details but only administrators and power users on
the computer can share folders. Personally I would be very careful in what
users you add to those groups and only if necessary. Normally you only want
network administrators creating shares to manage risk.

On XP Home you can not see security tab until you boot into Safe Mode and
for XP Pro simple file sharing needs to be disabled which it is by default
when a computer joins the domain but I suppose a local administrator could
enable it again if need be. There is a Group Policy setting to hide the
security tab and you can run rsop.msc on an XP Pro computer to see what
Group Policy settings are being applied to the user and by what GPO. If you
have an Active Directory domain then you are using Group Policy - at least
the default GPOs. Maybe you mean that as far as you know settings have not
been configured for user configuration.


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