Locking or unlocking subform



Hi. I have a form for Equipment (frmEquip) and one for sketches (frmiso).
each of these has a subform (subEquip and subIso).

I want these to be visible to all but editable to a select few. I've got
the access rights sorted via login name so that's not a problem. What I
can't do is lock the subform until a person clicks the EDIT button (which is
only enabled to those who are allowed to edit).

In most first instances a new record will be created in the subform database
too, as the main form's datasourse is already created. The subform, I see,
has a Locked property. I've tried enableing or disabling it
(Forms!frmEquip!subEquip2.Form.Locked = False) but I always get an error.

Can anyone help? If I change the allowedits or allowadditions of the
subform to false the form doesn't display, so using its Locked property
seemed the ideal way so the data can be seen but not changed, unless it's
meant to be.






Allen Browne

Sorry: the 2nd link is the correct one. The article is titled:
Locking bound controls

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