Locking certain cells


Beverly Darvill

I have a spreadsheet that as a group of 5 columns grouped together using the
DATA - GROUP option - I want to protect the first colum from entry and allow
figures to be inputted into the other 4 columns - I can do this if I dont
mind seeing all the other columns but I want to collapse them as necessary
but if I protect the relevant cells and then Protect the Sheet it wont let me
collapse the group. Is it possible?




Dave Peterson

If you already have the outline/subtotals/autofilter applied, you can protect
the worksheet in code (auto_open/workbook_open??).

Option Explicit
Sub auto_open()
With Worksheets("sheet1")
.Protect Password:="hi", userinterfaceonly:=True
.EnableOutlining = True
'.EnableAutoFilter = True
'If .FilterMode Then
' .ShowAllData
'End If
End With
End Sub

It needs to be reset each time you open the workbook. (Earlier versions of
excel don't remember it after closing the workbook. IIRC, xl2002+ will remember
the allow autofilter setting under tools|Protection|protect sheet, but that
won't help when you're filtering via code.)

Beverly Darvill


do I put this code in as a macro after I protected the cells I want
protected? And how would I reset it each time - sorry to ask such silly
questions but this is outside of my use of excel.





Dave Peterson

You can put the code in anytime you want <bg>, but you have to put it in a
certain spot. Put it in a general module (Insert|Module when you're in the

But this code has to run each time the workbook is opened. It's not one of
those run once and forget about it. So that means that you (and your users)
have to allow macros to run each time the workbook is opened.

After you've put the code in, you can save the file (as a new name if you're
unsure) and then close and reopen that file. The Auto_Open procedure should run
(if your security settings are ok--and you allow macros to run).
Then you can test showing/hiding rows.

If you're new to macros, you may want to read David McRitchie's intro at:

Short course:

Open your workbook.
Hit alt-f11 to get to the VBE (where macros/UDF's live)
hit ctrl-R to view the project explorer
Find your workbook.
should look like: VBAProject (yourfilename.xls)

right click on the project name
Insert, then Module
You should see the code window pop up on the right hand side.

Paste the code in there.

Then alt-f11 (to get back to excel), close and save the workbook. Then
File|Open the newly saved workbook.

Did it work???

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