lock a photo to a cell


Jack Sons

Hi all,

I have a number of photos (used car ads) on my worksheet. Next to each photo
and below it is text, the photo lies over the cells wit the corresponding
text. The photo can be dragged to anywhere on the worksheet.

I want to lock each photo to a specific cell so that it will move with the
row when I execute a sorting instruction. If possible - but not necessary if
it makes things too complex - in such a way that the cell will stay as large
as the photo.
How do I accomplish that?

Thanks in advance for your advice.

Jack Sons
The Netherlands



Gord Dibben

The only way to keep an image with a cell is to size the image so it fits
within the boundaries of the cell.

Then set its properties to "move and size with cell"

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP



Jack Sons


Thank you.

I did as you wrote, but the if due to the sorting process the photo lands in
a cell with a different size (height too small) it will take the size of
that new cell. Is it possible to let the new cell adapt to the size of the
photo (or to the size of the original cell)?


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