locator.exe fails to start after installing SP2


Mark Urish

After installing XP SP2, the RPC locator fails to start.
The errors in the event log are as follows.

In the system log:
Event ID: 7034
The Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator service
terminated unexpectedly. It has done this 1 time(s).

In the application log:
Event ID: 1000
Faulting application locator.exe, version 5.1.2600.2180,
faulting module locator.exe, version 5.1.2600.2180,
fault address 0x00010869

Does anyone have any pointers on how to fix this? Any
ideas on possible causes?

Thanks in advance.
Mark Urish

Rick \Nutcase\ Rogers


You don't want it. Boot to safe mode, logon as administrator. Remove both
the file and the string that loads it under this key in the registry:


Best of Luck,

Rick Rogers, aka "Nutcase" - Microsoft MVP

Associate Expert - WindowsXP Expert Zone

Windows help - www.rickrogers.org

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