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Using XP Home Edition SP2, is it possible to prevent a guest from shutting
the computer down while the administrator is logged on with programs runing?

I have looked at the possibility of using regedit to disable the shutdown
without logon attribute but was unsure whether to go ahead. As a guest
doesn't need a password to logon can they still shut down the macine after
disabling this attribute?




Steven L Umbach

The best way to find out would be to try and see if it works or not for the
registry mod. In XP Home you can not directly manage user rights like you
can in XP Pro but you could try using the Resource Kit tool ntrights if you
are comfortable doing command line to try and change the user right for shut
down the system and remove everyone group leaving administrators but then
regular user would never be able to shutdown the system within the operating
system. Another solution to look at is the free Shared Computer Toolkit from
Microsoft that requires that you are using SP2. --- Steve

http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/sharedaccess/overview.mspx --- Shared
Computer Toolkit

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