Local Network Failure after RAS setup



I have a newly installed Windows 2000 Server with SP4
applied as well as all critical and recommended patches.

The network was working fine and then I configured Routing
and Remote Access for VPN access. Afterwards the local
network no longer worked. Pinging any other host on the
network resulted in "destination host is unreachable".

I disabled "Routing and Remote Access" and rebooted and
the network was fine again.

The server has two NICs, but one is always disabled. The
other works fine.

I have set up Routing & Remote Access (VPN) before on
other servers and had little or no problems. Could this
have something to do with SP4.

Bill Grant

Did you use the "VPN Server" option in the wizard to configure RRAS? This
will set up packet filters to block all traffic except VPN. If your other
NIC is disabled, it may have set these filters on your LAN NIC. Check the
NIC for packet filters.

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