Loc Area Connection missing from Net Properties



PROBLEM #1: In Win2kPro the "Local Area Connection" has disappeared from
Network & Dial-up Connections. All that appears is the "Make New
Connection" icon. But there is in fact a connection that seems to have no
other problem. Ipconfig shows connection's settings. I've tried replacing
the NIC, but nothing changed.

How can I get the Local Area Connection to reappear?

PROBLEM #2: Also, Device Manager shows a second phantom NIC which appears
to be installed but is not. (This phantom NIC appeared well BEFORE I
replaced the actual NIC as I discribed above.) When I try to uninstall it I
get a pop-up message that says, "Failed to uninstall the device. The device
may be required to boot up the computer." I'm only able to disable the
phantom NIC.

How can I get rid of the phantom NIC?

(I'm not sure when these problems started. I THINK that I restored an old
System State a couple of months ago. The backup was from a different
installation of Win2kPro (but from same machine). I had replaced the hard
drive and did a clean install of the OS including updates and software.
Several weeks after that fresh install is when I MAY have restored the
System State from the previous installation.)

Thanks for the help.



Dave Patrick

1.) http://support.microsoft.com/kb/269019

2.) To display hidden devices, non-Plug and Play devices, and devices not
attached to the computer (commonly known as "ghosted" or "phantom" devices)

Save the following two lines as a file then execute.

start devmgmt.msc

Then, View|Show Hidden Devices to remove or reconfigure these devices. Do
not edit the registry.



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