Loading Office xp Standard


Sharon Midkiff

I currently have a PC with Windows 98 operating system. I
went to purchase Word, Excel, etc to load onto the PC.
The person at the computer store sold me Microsoft Offce
xp Standard, version 2002. The box is labeled Upgrade.
The requirements state it will work on Windows 98.

I have just tried to install it. Once I key in the
Product Code, and hit next, I get the following message:
Product Compliance Check
Setup failed to locate a valid qualifying product on your
machine. Please select the drive where a qualifying
product can be found. My options are A, C, or D(floppy).
I have tried all 3. The error message I get is:
Error 1608. Setup was unable to locate a qualifying

Can you tell me what I can do to get this loaded? I know
very little about computers, so please talk basic.

I appreciate any help you can give.


Sharon Midkiff



Diane Poremsky [MVP]

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