load balanced server to database server



Hi all,

I have two web servers - load balanced servers, and one SQL server
behind forewall.

The web application on web servers needs to go through the firewall
that port 1433 is opened to these two web servers to query SQL Server.

Usually both of the two web servers can go through the firewall and
query SQL server.

But occasionally one of web server can not connect to
database server and got error "SQL Server does not exist or access
denied". It happened randomly, sometime it is server-1 and sometimes it

is server-2.

My company firewall support said the firewall dose not randomly decide
not to permit or deny a connection through the firewall from one server
or another. If this connection works once it should work all the time.

Is this netowrking problem?

Anyone had same problem before, and how to fix it.


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