Listview flickering and performance



Hi all,
I have made a derived Listview which can accept the controls as
items in it. Controls that we are using are Buttons in each row and
implemented Grouping with the help of controls(label on panel) . Coz
Inbuilt listview Grouping not supported in OS like window 98.

Although I had used Double buffering (
SetStyle(ControlStyles.DoubleBuffer, true); .. in my Listview) but
still the listview flickers much when we scroll its items. And as
the number of items reaches nearly equal to 18, the performance again
degrades analogically and starts flickering at high level.

I have to made a list view can accept nearlly 100 items as rows
efficiently and without flickering.

if anybody have any views / ideas to sort out this problem will be





Each control will have it's own overhead of drawing. You might be able to
improve performance slightly by clipping the ListViews drawing area to not
draw the areas covered by other controls. But, that would be extremely
complicated and could be slower than doing nothing--depending on how it is

If you want controls on your list view you're pretty much stuck with having
a slower repaint to handle all those controls.

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