Listbox question



I'm modifying a client's existing form. It's a continuous form,
showing multiple events. Each event is attended by multiple members.
There is a relationship record between the two tables.
Event Name


Last Name
First Name

Currently, they list the members in a text box. I want to be able to
have them select members from a listbox; this will eliminate typing
errors and former members. I can add the listbox with no problem to
display the names, but I have questions about updating these records.

I have several questions:

1) If the user of the form clicks on a name, how can I create the
tblAttendance table entry? Right now, the data is from just the
Members table with no mention of the tblAttendance table entry.

2) Since this is set to a continuous form, it appears that every time
I click on a member name, it appears for each Event on the form. Is
this just a matter of tying the listbox to that event or ?

3) When I bring up an Event, should the names already selected appear
or do I have to do something to this?

4) In moving forward with this, is there a way to convert the existing
Event records (with their text box list of names) to this format? Can
I create a query to update the tblAttendance records?



Arvin Meyer MVP

Instead of using a list box, I suggest a subform with a combo box.

If using it from the Events form have link on EventID and have the MemberID
selected with a combo box.

If using it from the Members form, link on MemberID and select the EventID
from a combo box.

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