Listbox behaviour


Amon Ra

I have a list box that gets it's rowsource from an sql
statement in a vba code behind a seach button. The SQL
statement gets it's where clause built at run time, the
SQL selects it's record from a table.

The first click of the button displays records matching
supplied criteria, any change of the criteria will only
display a few records, this few records always match the
supplied criteria however there should be more records
displayed. Other times it will not display any record even
though there are records that match the supplied criteria.

Any ideas as to why I'm getting this behaviour ?

Thanks in advance

Allen Browne

Some possiblities:

1. Data type misinterpreted
Are you using the correct delimiters for the Field Type you are filtering
on? If you filter on a calculated field, you may need to typecast to get the
desired results. More info:

2. Settings:
Check your settings under Tools | Options | Edit/Find.

3. Network problem:
If the data is coming across a network, there may be a problem with the
network. Have seen this on NT4 servers.

4. Service packs:
Check that you have the latest service pack for your version of Access, and


Any ideas as to why I'm getting this behaviour ?

Sure: you have a coding error!

Without seeing some of your code, or table structures, or >something<, how
could anyone give you more help?


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