list box source problem


Keith G Hicks

I need to populate the source of a list box from an ado recordset

Dim rec As ADODB.Recordset
Set rec = New ADODB.Recordset
rec.Fields.Append "AttyID", adBigInt
rec.Fields.Append "AttyName", adVarChar, 100

Then I get the value from a combo box and do the following:

rec!AttyID = Me.cboAttorneys.Column(0)
rec!AttyName = Me.cboAttorneys.Column(1)

rec.Sort = "AttyName"

Finally I need to set the source of the list box to the rec somehow but
that's where I get stuck.

Me.lstAttorneys.RowSource = rec.?????

I have to use Table/View/StoredProc and not ValueList as the RowSourceType
because the number of rows is so that the list exceeds 2048 characters.

How can I solve this? It's an adp so there are no local tables otherwise I'd
just us a local permanent temp table.





Keith G Hicks

Never mind I guess. Everything I've found online so far seems to indicate
this is not possible. Bummer. I used a workaround that I'm not thrilled with
but it'll do for now.

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