Links 2003 in Vista Home Premium 64bit




For about the past month I have been trying to migrate all my software from
my 6 1/2 year old
XP Pro PC, to my new Vista Home Premium 64bit system. Here are system
hardware basics:
Asus P6T SE
Intel I7 CPU 3.07ghz
6GB triple channel DDR3
2) 500 GB sata drives
ATI (Sapphire) HD 4870 1GB PCI-E video card

Most of my software apps and games have been migrated and are working. There
a few that didn't make it, but they were of no consequence. However, one of
my most
played games, Microsoft Links 2003 (v1.05 patch) is having graphics
problems. When
I launch the program, I do see "3D Graphics by ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series".
However, when I go into the game setup, and try to set up the graphics, the
window is blank. From the drop down list, I can select ATI Radeon HD 4800
However, when I do that, I get the error message, "Your ATI Radeon HD 4800
video card does not meet Links 2003 minimum requirements. The Software
will be used." (might not be the exact words, but very close). So, instead
of being able
to run 3D graphics and select my resolution, I am stuck with software
rendering, and a
low resolution (800 x 600). My old system had an old ATI Sapphire X1650
video card,
running the same version of Catalyst driver (v9.6) and it works fine. Of
course, it was
running under XP Pro. I've tried several versions of the Catalyst drivers,
and I've tried
running in XP Compatibility mode ... neither has worked. Anyone have any
ideas how I
can solve this? Registry hack? I've already contacted ATI/AMD as well as
and they are 'clueless'.

I really love Links 2003, especially since I have over 160 courses which
I've accumulated
over the years.



Found the solution. Downloaded v1.07 patch from and
all the problems are solved. Game works great, I've got wide screen
support, and a few new features to boot!

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