linking tables



I want to make a change to my database that I didn't realize when I created
it. There is no data entered in it yet.

I created a number of tables which are located in the backend of the secure,
split database. These tables are linked to the front end and used to create
the forms. I have decided rather than recreating these tables in the BE, I
want to link them from another database that is fully functioning so if any
changes are made, they won't have to be made in both databases (don't know
why I didn't think of this earlier). Should I link them to the BE or the FE?


Actually, what I'm asking is if the tables don't even reside in this
database, but are being used from a separate they need to be
linked to the backend or the frontend or both?

Ken Sheridan

Refresh the links in the front end so they connect to the database where the
tables you want to use reside. Use the built in Linked table manager in the
front end to do this, but make sure that you check the 'Always prompt for new
location' check box' or it will simply refresh the links to the existing back
end. The now redundant back end can then be deleted.

Ken Sheridan
Stafford, England

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