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Prasad Gopinath

I have two spread sheets 1 and 2. I have link multiple rows and columns in
Spread Sheet 1 (from A1 TO D150) to similar area (A1 to D150) in Spread Sheet
2. I Spread Sheet 1, there are several cells that are empty. However,
when I link them to Spread Sheet 2, the cell with no value in Spread Sheet 1
shows up as 0.00 in Spread Sheet 2.

Short of going cell by cell in Spread Sheet 2 and removing the same, is
there any way I can write a code or something that will hide all such values
which are 0.00 in Spread Sheet 2?

Prasad Gopinath



Gary''s Student

Select the cells and:

Format > Cells... > Number > Custom > General;-General;;

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