Linking Personal Calendars to One Master Calendar


Lauren Argo

My office wants to view all meetings, appointments, vacation dates, etc for
the entire office on one calendar. Currently, we are sharing our calendars
but they don't like having to open each individual's calendar to schedule
things. They still want to have access to their personal calendar but they
want to link their personal calendar to the master so that any changes they
make to the personal calendar will reflect on the master, Is there a way to
do this???



Judy Gleeson \(MVP Outlook\)

Please tell us the basic data when you post:

What version of Outlook and do you have Exchange?

If you have 2003 or 2007, have a look at Group Schedules as they may be
enough to do the trick for you and not involve add-ins and workarounds.
They show live data from each Calendar and you can make many of them eg, 1
of the management team, 1 of the sales team, 1 of the whole company.


Judy Gleeson
MVP Outlook

Outlook 2003 user? Read "7 settings all Outlook 2003 users should change"

launching in August 2008:


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